Make Snowflake Cooked Egg Appetizers this Holiday

  • 4 min read

Snowflake Eggs are a great addition to holiday appetizers and snacks. They will help satisfy your gluten-free and diet friendly guests. Eggs are healthy and tasty, especially when paired with deviled egg stuffing or meat and cheese. Make snowflake cooked egg appetizers and your guests will be delighted at the pretty little sandwich that looks and tastes good. Preparing the mold/pan takes some concentration and time. It is more advanced than Easy Boiling™ fresh eggs in the Eggourmet® or similar silicone pans/molds.

All of our cooked eggs are made with food safe silicone pans/molds and a version of the Easy Boil™ method of cooking. For this design, we are using butter, olive oil, a pastry brush, one carton of liquid egg whites, one cup of water, a 12” skillet with a lid, and the snowflake candy melts silicone pan by Wilton®. An electric skillet with a lid will also work if it is at least 12” wide or long. Look for this mold in stores that carry Wilton® brand cake and cookie decorating supplies.

Let’s get started:

Wash and dry the silicone snowflake pan. Place it in the refrigerator to cool.

Melt a teaspoon or two of butter. Take the silicone pan out of the refrigerator and use the pastry brush to butter all of the inside edges of each snowflake mold. Do not butter the bottom where the design is, if you want the design transferred to the egg white. The reason we are buttering a cold pan is that we want the butter to stick and stay on the sides of each mold cavity. Oil will run off into the bottom of the pan. The butter will cool quickly and adhere to the side. That will enable the egg to loosen after it is cooked and either be pushed out, or fall out. Be especially diligent with the four shapes/cavities that have more sharp and rounded edges.

Wipe the butter off of the pastry brush and pick up a small amount of olive oil on it. Brush the bottom of each cavity lightly and completely. If you use too much, the design of the mold will be immersed and not transfer to the cooked egg as well. It is important that the entire bottom be oiled. If you are working in a warm area, cool off the mold in the refrigerator again. Wait about 5 minutes, then check the mold to make sure the edges are still covered in butter. If not, butter the edges again.

New to Easy Boil™ and Shaping Eggs?

If you have concerns about the amount of butter and oil to use, practice making only one shape. It is easier to dig out the egg white from one mold than all eight. It will save a lot of clean up. This is not to discourage you! This is easy to do. It is important to get the butter and oil correct so that the eggs will come out.

After you have buttered and oiled, you are ready to cook and make the Snowflake Cooked Egg Appetizers.

Use a carton of liquid egg whites, available in the refrigerated or dairy section of your grocery store. Do not use fresh eggs. The thicker whites of a fresh egg are too big for this mold. The thinner egg white is too small. We only recommend liquid egg whites for this mold.

Easy Boil™ is a great method of making a “hard” cooked egg without having to peel it! This is a modified version of Easy Boil™ to help you cook shaped liquid egg whites.

  1. Place one cup of water into your 12” skillet. Place the skillet on top of your stove burner. Do not turn on the burner yet.
  2. Place the buttered and oiled mold into the skillet on top of the water.
  3. Pour the liquid egg whites into each cavity, leaving about 1/16th or 1/8th of an inch. The egg whites will expand slightly. If you overfill the cavity, you might need to trim off cooked parts later.
  4. Clean up any spilled liquid egg whites, because they sink and will stick to the skillet. I often clean them up afterwards (they are hard to see).
  5. Put the lid on the skillet.
  6. Turn your burner on to medium heat.
  7. Cook for 8 minutes.
  8. Turn off the heat and remove the skillet from the burner.
  9. Remove the mold and turn over onto a cookie sheet or plate. Allow to cool a few minutes.

Lift the mold and gently push the cooked liquid egg whites out of the mold. If egg white is stuck on the edges, gently pull the pan away from it.

After the eggs are cool, you are ready to dress them up with pepperoni, ham, cheese, tomatoes, etc…

To make deviled egg stuffing for snowflake sandwiches, use the Easy Boil™ method and larger silicone or Eggourmet® pans to cook a few fresh eggs, cooking the yolks and whites separately. See our post about making Deviled eggs without peeling. The eggs with yolks will need to cook longer.

The Snowflake Cooked Egg Appetizers are pretty and taste great. Best wishes for a great holiday!