Round Eggourmet Molds

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The Easy Boil method eliminates the frustration of peeling boiled eggs. To use these attractive and functional egg mold products, just crack, easy boil™, and enjoy delicious, pretty eggs for meals and appetizers with no shells to peel. Instructions are included.

Forget complicated or expensive hard-boiled egg makers! When you Easy Boil it takes about half the prep time and gives you perfectly boiled eggs without any shells to fuss over. What’s more, when you use these innovative food-grade silicone egg molds for cooking, you get stunning results you just can’t achieve with the traditional hard-boiling method.

    Easy Boil Eggs

    One of our favorite Innovations is what we call the Easy Boil™ method. It takes all the hassle and headache out of cooking boiled eggs because it eliminates the shells altogether. No, it’s not one of those quirky gadgets that takes more time to use and clean than boiling eggs the regular way.

    Easy Boiling™ eggs takes less time, is less of a mess, and produces gorgeous eggs that taste delicious. You’ll never hard boil eggs again once you see this exceptional egg cooking method in action in the video below.