Quick Boiled Egg Decorating Ideas

  • 2 min read

Why serve eggs that are just white and yellow when there are hundreds of ways to dress them up? Here are some boiled egg decorating ideas.

Decorating Deviled Eggs

Start with the basic deviled egg recipe then let your imagination run wild. Top your eggs with crumbled bacon, a dollop of wasabi paste, caviar, diced vegetables, sliced pickled okra, crumbled potato chips, or a grated tangy cheese. Or, shake up the original deviled egg recipe and stuff your eggs with pimento cheese, egg yolks mixed with pesto, or Mexican chilies and salsa Verde. Add a tortilla chip vertically on top to make a deviled egg sailboat out of any of your creations.

Boiled Egg Animals

Sometimes kids have the best boiled egg decorating ideas! Use raw vegetables to turn whole boiled eggs into cute boiled egg critters. To make boiled egg mice, use two thin slices of radish for the ears, slivers of chives for the whiskers and peppercorns for eyes. To make hatching chicks out of your eggs, cut the top third off of a boiled egg so that it has jagged edges like a broken eggshell. Extract the yolk and make a fluffy deviled egg filling, then pipe it back in the egg so there’s a quarter inch sticking out of the top to make a “chick”. Cut orange feet out of carrot rounds and attach with a toothpick, then cut small triangles out of carrot rounds to use for beaks. Use black peppercorns for eyes and place the top half of the egg on the hatching chick’s “head”.

Decorating Boiled Eggs In The Shell

For a simple dye to decorate Easter eggs, simply combine ½ cup of boiling water with 1 teaspoon of vinegar and 10 drops of food coloring. Soak your hard-boiled eggs in the dye bath for five minutes then remove and dry on wax paper or a paper towel. For a creative spin on traditional dyed eggs, drip candle wax or use a crayon on the outside of the boiled egg shell before dipping in dye. The dye won’t soak in wherever there’s wax. For a fun way to decorate boiled eggs, make a bowl of strong dark tea, lightly crackle the shells of your boiled eggs, then let the crackled eggs soak in the tea bath for five minutes. When you peel the eggs, the egg whites will have a beautiful tea dyed crackle finish.

Easy Boil™ Eggs In Beautiful Shapes

With our exclusive Easy Boil™ method, you can cut the time of prepping and cooking boiled eggs down to mere minutes. In addition to getting perfectly boiled eggs that don’t require peeling, you also have a decorative finished product friends and family will love!

Simply use our special egg molds to cook your Easy Boiled™ eggs and serve up delicious eggs in the shapes of flowers, rounds, hearts, or stars.

It’s easy to add a few gourmet touches to the egg dishes you cook and serve in order to present meals that look and taste like they were created by a real chef!