Quick and Easy Egg Dishes For Appetizers, Meals and Snacks

  • 2 min read

Eggs are so versatile that it’s easy to create a healthy entrée, dish or snack for every occasion. Eggs fit into nearly every diet plan, can be dressed up or down,can turn into a healthy meal quickly, and can stretch to feed a crowd.

Fast Meals For Busy Nights

Easy egg dishes make quick healthy meals for busy weeknights. Pre-bake a savory quiche for on-the-go weeknight meals or put together a quick egg and sausage or egg and garden vegetable casserole for a healthy, delicious 15-minute meal. And, don’t underestimate the comforting power of an old fashion fried egg sandwich after a busy day.

Feed A Crowd

Have a big list of dinner guests? Making an egg-based entrée such as a build-your-own-omelet bar, a decadent soufflé, deep-dish frittata, or a big platter of egg and biscuit sandwiches takes the stress and expense out of cooking for a large group.

Quick, Healthy Work Lunches And Breakfasts

Easy Boil™ or Boil and peel a carton of eggs before your workweek starts and you’ll have the fastest high-protein breakfast in the office. Make a big batch of savory egg salad and take it to work with a croissant, pita or wrap. Make your favorite quiche or mini quiche muffin recipe and pair it with a simple green salad or colorful fruit salad for money-saving weekday lunches that you’ll look forward to.

Diet-Friendly Eggs

It seems like there are a million different diets out there, and everyone coming for dinner is on a different one. Whether gluten-free, Paleo, diabetic, South Beach or something else, eggs fit in nearly everyone’s diet plan. Because they’re high in protein, vitamins and minerals, egg-based entrees are a great choice for health-minded dinner guests.

Creative Party Food

Egg dishes make easy party food, and there’s no end to what you can do with them. Pair blue cheese deviled eggs with a plate of raw vegetables for an irresistible hors d’oeuvre or add smoked salmon to your own stuffed egg recipe for an elegant brunch appetizer. Mini quiche muffins stuffed with vegetables and cheese are always a hit at parties.

The Perfect Comfort Food

If the occasion calls for a neighborly gesture of comfort, an egg dish is the perfect recipe. A healthy egg entrée will be a welcome change from traditional sugary cakes and pies.

Fun Breakfasts For Picky Kids

If you’ve got picky eaters, try egg recipes with fun names such as Toad in the Hole, a traditional English breakfast that involves whole sausages baked into an egg pie, or Egg and Soldiers, soft-boiled eggs served with toast cut into strips.

Lifestyles today are busy – and it can be challenging to plan healthy meals in a compressed day. It’s also challenging to feed a crowd on a budget, especially when so many health-minded people are on different diets. When you find yourself searching for a healthy, filling, low-calorie meal in a hurry, or an appetizer or entrée that works for everyone, start with eggs.