Holiday Bite Sized Egg White Snacks and Salad Toppers

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Holiday Greetings!

Holidays are the most creative time of the year. Thinking of gift ideas, surfing the Internet for decorations, or looking for beautiful presentation ideas for delicious food are a fun part of the festivities. While shopping at Rural King in November of 2016, I found a cute Christmas Tree mold for chocolates and ice cubes. The mold is about 6” long and was made out of food grade silicone. I cooked liquid egg whites in the mold to create cute and colorful holiday bite sized egg white snacks and salad toppers using a version of the Easy Boil™ cooking method.

The mold fit easily into a 10” skillet with a lid. I hoped to buy a second mold, but I was too slow! Sadly, I’ve noticed a shortage of popular molds this year. I apologize that a few of my posts have products in them that are sold out for 2016. I did not anticipate that would happen! You can still use this method for other holiday food safe silicone molds that are small enough to fit in your skillet. Instead of trees, you could make stars or hearts.

Holiday Salad Topper

What you will need to make cute bite sized egg white snacks

To make the cute and colorful holiday bite sized egg white snacks and salad toppers you need a carton of liquid egg whites, a pastry brush, a few teaspoons of butter, liquid food coloring, and a food safe silicone mold. Fresh egg whites do not work as well in the smaller molds. The thick egg whites must be broken up by pushing them through a sieve or colander. That will break the larger “thick” egg white into small pieces that can fit into the mold. It worked well for the bite sized egg white snacks that you want to be “white”. Coloring the broken “thick” white is not always consistent. I am working on instructions to help you with coloring fresh egg whites in a later post.

How to make the holiday bite sized egg white snacks and salad toppers

  • Select a fun or festive mold that will fit in your skillet with a lid.
  • Easy Boil™ Place one cup of water into the skillet! This is required! Otherwise you will destroy your mold and stink up your home!
  • Next, wash and dry the food safe silicone mold. Place the mold into your refrigerator for a few minutes while you melt a teaspoon of butter.
  • Brush a generous amount of butter into each mold cavity, especially any sides and the bottom. If the mold has a design in the bottom of the mold that you want transferred, oil the bottom with vegetable oil instead of the butter. Use a thin coat of oil so that the design is not submerged.
  • Put the mold into the skillet on top of the water.
  • For colors: Mix one quarter cup of liquid egg whites with 8 to 24 drops of food coloring. Lesser drops make lighter colors, more drops make deeper colors. For white holiday bite sized egg white snacks and salad toppers, do not add food coloring.
  • Fill the mold cavities with the liquid egg whites until they are almost full, stop 1/8th or 1/16th of an inch before the mold cavity is full.
  • Follow the Easy Boil™ method by covering the skillet with the lid, turning the burner on to medium heat, and cook for 8 to 10 minutes. If you are using a mold that has larger cavities (for example the Eggourmet® molds that hold more than ¼ cup), cook for 14 minutes.

When the cooking time is up, turn off the burner and use tongs to flip the mold over onto a dish or platter. Allow to cool. The shaped and cooked liquid egg whites should slide out of the mold. If they don’t , push on the back of the mold gently. If the whites are stuck to the cavity side, use the dull side of a butter knife and go around the edges. That should release the stuck egg and the vacuum in the mold.

The holiday bite sized egg white snacks and salad toppers will stay fresh 3 days in your refrigerator. You can cook these ahead of the time you plan to use them. This will help on busy days.

Enjoy surprising your family and guests with a festive cooked egg white!

The cute holiday bite sized egg white snacks and salad toppers will cheer up your family and friends. Another post you might find helpful is about cooking snowflake shapes. I hope you enjoy adding holiday cheer to salads or lunch box meals. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!