Eggs for Valentine’s Day

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Serving eggs for Valentine’s Day can be fun and festive. There are several ways to make beautiful eggs for Valentine’s Day. You could color, dye, devil, stuff, cut, shape, paint, or sprinkle the edible eggs with lovely colors and words to celebrate the cheerful and uplifting spirit of Valentine’s Day. This post or page will focus on the variety of eggs you can make for your special Valentines. Over time we’ll add posts or recipes that cover the techniques featured for each Valentine Egg in more detail. At the end of the eggs for Valentine’s Day list will be the directions for the Easy Boil ™ cooking method which is how we create the beautiful and delicious eggs.

Valentine’s Day Egg Breakfast Sandwich

For a cute breakfast sandwich, we cut an English muffin, slice of American cheese, and a piece of ham with a heart shaped cookie cutter then added an egg cooked in the heart shaped Eggourmet ® silicone pan. The picture is of a cooked fresh egg white. The egg yolk was cooked separately in another pan so I could use it later to make deviled egg stuffing.

Simple Valentine Salad with Heart Shaped Deviled Eggs

For this salad we used the heart shaped Eggourmet ® pan/mold and:\

  • Alternating layers of spinach and butter lettuces
  • Grape tomatoes
  • Carrot sticks crossed in an x to symbolize kisses
  • Heart shaped deviled eggs to top it off

    Cute and Simple Red and Pink Colored Liquid Egg Whites

    We used the heart shaped Eggourmet ® pans/molds to create solid colored egg whites (either 3 Tablespoons per pan/mold or ¼ cup). One carton of liquid egg whites will make 8 ¼ cup cooked egg whites. To get a nice pink color, add one teaspoon of red liquid food coloring to the carton (16 ounces). For a deeper shade use 2 teaspoons.

    Liquid food coloring will create light to dark pink shades. Paste and power food coloring will make more red shades, but are harder to dissolve. Look for a recipe post about coloring egg whites over the next few days.

    Start with Easy Boil™ Eggs

    Let’s start with the Easy Boil ™ (patent pending) cooking method, which is the foundation of our products and techniques. You will need food grade silicone molds (we recommend Eggourmet ® heart shaped molds/pans), that hold at least ¼ cup of liquid. (Which is about the size of one large egg.)

    You will also need:

    • A 10” or 12” skillet with a lid that fits well
    • One cup of water
    • A small amount of butter, spray oil, or olive oil
    • Eggs or liquid egg whites.

    Butter or oil each silicone pan. After much testing, I have found that spread able butter mixed with canola oil works great. I use less than 1 teaspoon for 8 silicone pans. Use the end of your finger or a pastry brush and cover the inside of the pan/mold with melted butter, spread, or oil. Spray oil will work fine.

    Place the eggs or liquid egg whites into the molds. (For coloring the egg whites, see instructions below.) Place one cup of water into the skillet and set it on your stove burner. Transfer the molds with the eggs into the skillet. Cover the skillet with the lid. Turn on the burner to medium heat. If you are using cast iron with a tight lid, use medium low heat. Cook the eggs - (no peaking under the lid!) for 14 minutes. If you are cooking liquid egg whites, 11 minutes.

    After the 14 or 11 minutes, turn off the burner, then tilt the lid away from your body and face to let out the steam. Wait a few seconds until the steam clears, then remove the molds with tongs or a turner and flip them over onto a plate or dish. Let the eggs cool a bit, at least a minute.

    The eggs will slip out on their own, or you may need to press the indention on the bottom side to release the egg. If they are stubborn, after the egg is cool, roll the mold in your hand and press in toward the egg to release the vacuum. If you missed buttering all parts, you might need to pull the mold away from the egg. Most often they release easily.

    The shaped and cooked eggs can be used for Valentine breakfast sandwiches or making a Valentine salad look prettier.