Coloring Liquid Egg Whites is Fun and Easy

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You will be amazed at how cute and colorful your eggs will be when you are coloring liquid egg whites. The egg whites can be pastel or vibrant just by the addition of a little food coloring. By using liquid egg whites and Easy Boil™ you will save a lot of time. You will also have egg whites that have color all throughout the white. Versus a hard cooked boiled egg in the shell that can only be colored on the outside exposed areas. In another post, we’ll show you how to make colored hard boiled eggs.

You can purchase liquid egg whites at almost all grocery stores. They are in the refrigerated dairy section near or by cartooned whole shell eggs. The liquid egg whites are packaged in a small cardboard container with a pull spout and screw on lid.

The liquid egg whites are created at egg processing plants. The egg whites are separated from the yolks by a machine after the eggs are cracked. The egg producer uses high speed commercial machines. The machines are more complicated and automated than our kitchen size egg separators. They are able to trap both the thin egg whites and the thick egg whites. The process breaks up the thick egg whites, and the thin and thick egg whites mix tighter to become the same consistency. The liquid egg whites also include many tiny bubbles of air. When the egg whites are cooked, you can expect lots of tiny holes where air was. It will escape during the cooking process and leave behind an empty hole. This is because the white cooked around the “air bubble”.

Using the Easy Boil™ Method to Cook Liquid Egg Whites

We are using the Easy Boil™ method for cooking this recipe. The Easy Boil™ method keeps the whites moist, almost the same as if the egg was cooked in its shell: and we can shape the whites into pretty designs by using food grade silicone pans. We recommend Eggourmet® silicone pans, and other pans we have tested. This recipe will start with the instructions for how to Easy Boil™ your liquid whites.

How Much Liquid Egg White to Use

A whole large egg in the shell has about 3 Tablespoons of egg whites. Part of it is thin and most of it is thick. One sixth of a cup is 3 Tablespoons. If you want your egg white to be the same size as a large egg, use ½ of a one third measuring cup. The carton of liquid egg whites have the equivalent of 10 egg whites in them. Or if you want to have a simpler measurement, I often use 1/4 of a cup for each egg white, which is the size of a large egg with both egg whites and the egg yolk. A 16 ounce carton of liquid egg whites will make 8 one-quarter cup cooked egg white only “eggs”.

Food Coloring for Coloring Liquid Egg Whites

The easiest food coloring to use for coloring liquid egg whites is commonly used to make cake and cookie icing. You can find it in the baking aisle or in the spice section of your grocery store, or even more likely, you have some already. The box holds red, yellow, blue, and green bottles that hold 1 ½ teaspoons, which is about 150 drops of liquid food coloring. The dropper bottles are very convenient. They enable consistent coloring.

To achieve a pastel color, use 1 to 4 drops; a medium color, 8 drops; and a deeper color, 12 to 16 drops. You can experiment to get the colors you want, and of course, combine the 4 colors to make others.

Most brands I’ve tried of liquid food coloring share a tone of colors. If you are looking for brighter or clearer colors, you can use paste or dry powder coloring. We’ll cover that in another recipe post.

Liquid Egg Whites Are Full of Protein

You might be wondering, why only egg whites? They are full of protein and have little to no fat. If you are on any of the popular diets, or are making an effort to eat healthy, egg whites are great. You will pay a bit extra for the convenience, but make up for it in time. No cracking, consistent size or measurement, and they cook faster than yolks.

Easy Boil™ Coloring Liquid Egg Whites

Simple instructions to make cooked colored liquid egg white “eggs” for festive occasions or lunch boxes.

Course: Appetizer, Side Dish, Snack


1 carton liquid egg whites 16 ounces

Servings: 8 Whites

Units: Metric

Easy Boil™ Instructions

  1. Use a small to moderate amount of butter, olive (vegetable) oil, or vegetable oil spray to grease the inside of the cups.
  2. Place 1 cup of water into a 10” or 12” skillet. Using a larger skillet than 12” will require more water and cooking time.
  3. Place the cups into the water, open side up. Do not turn on the burner yet.
  4. Place ¼ of a cup or 3 Tablespoons of liquid egg whites into each cup.
  5. Add drops of food coloring to each cup. If you want all of the egg whites to be the same color, use the same number of drops for each cup. Stir gently and remove or pop any large bubbles. 1 to 4 drops for pastels; 8 drops for medium; 12 to 16 drops for deeper color.
  6. Cover the skillet. Do not Peek/Peep while cooking.
  7. Turn on the burner. Electric Stoves: Cook for 14 minutes on medium heat. Gas Stoves: Cook for 14 minutes on medium low heat.
  8. Remove the skillet from the heat and open the lid away from you (tilt the back side up to release the steam away from your face).
  9. Remove the Eggourmet® cups with tongs and flip over onto a plate. The eggs should slide out. If not, gently push the indention on the back side to allow air flow. This will help release the seal on the bottom. If the egg is stubborn, or perhaps not oiled enough, let the egg cool and then press the mold inwards, all the way around, to release the egg from the side of the silicone pan.
  10. The eggs will be wet from steam and the water naturally occurring in an egg. It will not hurt the egg. The water will evaporate or you can move the eggs to a different plate. The color will be throughout the white. Unless you used a large amount of food coloring, the food coloring will not come off on your fingers. The water could be colored though, and can be absorbed with a paper towel, or move the egg when it is cool. Enjoy!