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Come on in, look around, cook some pretty Eggs!

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   Valentine’s Day Breakfast Eggs

 Valentines Day Breakfast Eggs


For this post I’m using the Heart shaped Eggourmet® pans and the Easy Boil™ method to cook the eggs. Easy Boil™ is a quick and simple way to cook eggs. While the eggs are cooking, load up your toaster or oven and toast several pieces of bread. When the toast is done cooking, use the heart, X, O, and human or animal shaped cutters to cut out cute pieces of toast. When the Valentine’s Day Breakfast Eggs are done cooking, place the eggs and toast on a serving dish, or fix individual plates.

Easy Boil™ instructions:

Use a small to moderate amount of butter, olive (vegetable) oil, or vegetable oil spray to grease the inside of the Eggourmet® cups.

Place 1 cup of water into a 10” skillet. If you use a larger skillet, increase the amount of water to 1/8 of an inch deep. This is an important step! Without water, your pans and eggs could be ruined.

Place the cups into the water, open side up. Do not turn on the burner yet.

Crack the eggs into the cups whole or separate whites into single cups or substitute 3 to 4 Tablespoons of commercial egg white product for each egg.

Cover the skillet. Do not Peek/Peep while cooking.

Turn on the burner. If this is the first time you’ve used the Easy Boil™ method, you’ll learn if your stove cooks hotter or cooler than ours. Adjust the cooking time to suit the way you want your eggs cooked.

Electric Stoves: For hard cooked yolks, cook for 14 minutes on medium heat. For soft cooked yolks, cook for 10 to 11 minutes on medium low heat. For medium cooked yolks, cook for 12 minutes on medium heat.

Gas Stoves: Cook for 14 minutes on medium low heat. For soft cooked yolks, cook for 10 to 11 minutes on medium low heat. For medium cooked yolks, cook for 12 minutes on medium low heat.

Remove the skillet from the heat and open the lid away from you (tilt the back side up to release the steam away from your face).

Remove the Eggourmet® cups with tongs and flip over onto a plate. The eggs should slide out. If not, gently push the indention on the back side to allow air flow. This will help release the seal on the bottom.

The eggs will be wet from steam and the water naturally occurring in an egg. It will not hurt the egg. The water will evaporate or you can move the eggs to a different plate.

To serve your Valentine’s Day Breakfast Eggs, choose a pretty red or pink plate. You could also use a colorful napkin to line a plate or serving tray. Keep in mind that if there is butter or oil left on the eggs, they will leave a grease mark on your fabric.

A surprising thing I learned about Valentine’s Day, there is more than one St. Valentine! Valentine’s Day is a fun Holiday. Cards and gifts symbolize the love and affection we have for each other. Wikipedia has interesting information and links about St. Valentine.

By Charlotte Waltz |Easy Boil Eggs

Wish your family Happy Valentine’s Day with a healthy and warm breakfast.  It’s easy to prepare Valentine’s Day Breakfast Eggs with heart shaped eggs and toast pieces cut out with cookie cutters.  Need something to talk about? How about the history of Valentine’s Day? Or perhaps your first Valentine? But first, let’s get the cooking part of breakfast started.

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