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Loves Easy Boil™

Come on in, look around, cook some pretty Eggs!

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   Egg Education

Eggucation_Logo What does Eggourmet® do?

Eggourmet® is a site designed to “eggs”claim the wonderful virtues of eggs! We love them boiled (Easy Boil™  to be precise), and want to help you discover the versatility and benefits of  this tiny yet power-packed protein  source.

 Easy Boil™ Method

 What, precisely, is the Easy Boil™   method?

It is a patent pending cooking process that allows you to get hard-boiled results without any shells to peel. It takes much less time and effort than boiling eggs the traditional way and allows you to have all sorts of clever and gorgeous decorative options as well. See it in action.

Does the Easy Boil™ method include plastic egg cookers with several pieces?

Nope! You use food-grade, silicone egg molds and a skillet that you have at home. That’s it. No odd gadgets that are a disaster to clean or make your eggs look like they came from mutant chickens.

How long does it take to Easy Boil™ an egg?

About 14 minutes from the time you start heating the pan until the egg is done. Compare that to the average of 30-40 minutes the traditional way (including heating the water, boiling the eggs, cooling them off and peeling them).

Egg Molds

What are the egg molds used with the Easy Boil™ method?

They are food-grade, silicone molds in clever shapes.

Can I use any silicone molds or only the ones you sell?

We only recommend molds we have tested ourselves that are made of FDA approved materials and Food Safe. We test lots of molds, and will report results in our blog. If you want a mold reviewed, email or write to us and we will consider it.