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   Egg Nutrition: Comparing Whole Egg and Egg White Nutrition

Egg Nutrition: Comparing Whole Egg and Egg White Nutrition

Why eat eggs? They are nutritious, fast to cook, store well, taste great, are economically priced, can be sustainably produced in a small operation, and can be used by themselves or in thousands of recipes!


Nutrition is complicated. It’s made up of all of the components we need to fuel our body, to be physically alive. We are miracles of complex chemical and biological functions. All of which are dependent on the nutrients that make up our food and supplements.

The United States Department of Agriculture, or USDA, has a great tool at their website that will satisfy your curiosity as to what nutritional components make up a particular food. The website is https://ndb.nal.usda.gov/ndb/ . I used their handy tool to figure out how egg nutrition stacks up against other common protein sources. Instead of comparing the standard size, I used their calculator to compare 50 grams (or as close to it as I could) of a raw whole egg, canned navy beans, raw chicken, tuna, raw ground beef, peanut butter, and egg whites. Each one of these by themselves has something unique and special about it. If you start comparing different foods, you will find out why a variety of foods are recommended for our diets. It’s obvious no one food is perfect!

 (Thank goodness!)

Keep in mind these comparisons are the same weight and might not be the normal amount you would consume. This list is different than most charts in that I am listing lowest to highest in food order.Here is a link to the information I downloaded from the USDA and compiled into an Excel worksheet.

Calories per 50 grams which is about 1.764 ounces and a bit more than 3 Tablespoons: Egg White 26 , Tuna 43, Chicken 56, Beans 57, Egg Whole 72, Ground Beef 130 and Peanut Butter 299

Other interesting comparisons for about 50 grams of each food:

Protein in grams: Beans 3.77, Egg White 5.45, whole Egg 6.28, Tuna 9.72, Chicken 10.17, Peanut Butter 11.111, Ground Beef 13.03

Calcium in milligrams: Egg white 3, Ground Beef 5, Chicken 5, Tuna 9, Beans 24, Peanut Butter 25, Whole Egg 28

Iron in Milligrams: Egg White 0.04, Chicken 0.52, Tuna 0.82, Peanut Butter 0.87, Egg Whole 0.88, Beans 0.93, Ground Beef 1.51

Vitamin D in IU: Egg white 0, Peanut Butter 0, Ground Beef 0, Beans 0, Chicken 0, Tuna 24, Egg Whole 41

Cholesterol in milligrams: Egg White 0, Peanut Butter), Chicken 0, Beans 0, Tuna 18, Ground Beef 45, Egg Whole 186

If you are looking to find foods that meet certain vitamin or mineral requirements, I hope you will check out the website offered by the USDA.

In summary, Eggs are a complex source of vitamins and minerals with a fairly low caloric count.


USDA National Nutrient Database for standard Reference, United States Department of Agriculture, https://ndb.nal.usda.gov/ndb/.

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By Charlotte Waltz |Eggucation

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